Friday, 11 July 2003

Anonymous damselfly

Peter Taylor, the World Land Trust's Website manager, is also a keen naturalist, and wrote the following news item this week, as a result of his interest in odonata. I thought some of our readers might be amused.

"Damselfly returns to Hardy country" News story on BBCi

The BBC is currently featuring a rather lovely story about the return of a rare damselfly to Dorset. Although the story runs to more than 500 words, and includes quotes from two experts it fails to mention at any point the name of the species of damselfly concerned. Perhaps the damselfly is so rare that it doesn't have a name, or maybe the BBC decided not to bother us with trivial details. Luckily help is at hand - a quick look in the new Reviews section of the WLT website should reveal the name of the insect they're talking about.

UPDATE Monday 14th July: It now seems the damselfly has a name - the news item now includes a nice photo of a marked damselfly - (CD Marker pens work well)

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