Thursday, 29 January 2004

Green Valentine Gift

Following last year's success, and the success of our Christmas 'sales' the WLT is offering Green Valentine cards and gifts. The flowers that grow on the WLT funded reserves may wilt just as fast as the traditional roses, but they will reappear, year after year. On my recent visit to Ecuador, the path to the newly created Christopher Parsons Rainforest was festooned with orchids. There were terrestrial as well a epiphytic, and who knows, some of the species photographed may well be new to science. Orchidologist Lou Jost has speculated that there may be as many as a 1000 species in the Tapichalaca Reserve and adjacent areas protected by the World Land Trust's partner, the Jocotoco Foundation.

So buy a Green Valentine, for £25 and give the world a present!

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