Tuesday, 2 March 2004

Books for NGOs -- the World Land Trust Library service

A little known, but highly effective service that the World Land Trust provides, is books for non-government organisation (NGOs). We receive publishers' returns, and books surplus to requirements from several sources, but in particular, the well-known Natural History Book Service (see www.NHBS.com) who have the most extensive catalogue of wildlife and environment books to be found anywhere. In developing countries good reference books are often virtually unobtainable, and so by sending out small consignments with birdwatchers and other field naturalists and travellers we are able to help in an extremely effective way. The books are free, but since they are heavy, postage is often out of the question -- so we are looking for some sponsors. Then we could send out bigger consignments. A sponsorship of £100 would allow us to send a really useful basic library to an NGO in the tropics. £5000 would sponsor the whole project for over a year. It's not a huge amount, surely someone out there could help -- the benefits are out of all proportion to the cost.

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  1. We are really impressed and interested about this great program. We really need the books for our english student here in Indonesia. So, how can we make it?
    English teacher