Thursday, 5 August 2004

For Sale: A pristine island at $40,000 an acre

To give our readers an idea of the sort of battle we are struggling against, I can do no better than quote a Real Estate advertisment from Belize:

Beyond the Reef it's unbelievable, un-imaginable and unbeatable. It's a divine Paradise. To the west it lays only a stone throw away from History- the fascinating and enchanting world of the Mayas and their civilization and nestles among the lush Tropical Forests of Northern Belize. Accessible – year round, Archeological sites of Altun Ha and Lamanai, World Famous Archeological sites.

It's a real and alive world of birds and plants and animals living in harmony with man and nature.

This island is a virgin paradise and if you need sand to develop, there is plenty surrounding this beautiful and unique island. Also, not to mention great fishing for tarpon, permit, fighting bonefish and various areas where the manatees feeds adding more attractions to the island for a resort development or just your private get-away!

End of quote

A 25 acre paradise, ripe for development (=despoiling) for $1million. And since it is not in any top priorities for conservation, it will almost certainly end up being developed, the manatees may get chopped up by propellors from speed boats, nesting turtles will disappear, and yet another bit of paradise will have gone. Our resources are so limited, we have to concentrate on areas which are really important, but it is depressing to have to ignore such islands, and allow them to slip away.

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