Monday, 4 December 2006

Paraguayan success

A quick note, which saves me writing up one of the WLT's latest successes, have a look at this:

After this very useful visit to Paraguay the Guyra Paraguay and the WLT have identified several other critical areas, mostly corridors between existing protected areas. A one-off donation of $20,000 could buy a critical area, creating an unique reserve for endemic and endangered species such a giant anteaters, chaco peccary, chaco seriema, and pumas.


  1. I studied the chacoan peccary 1975-1978 over three dry seasons. Let my only 8 mm film of the animal in the wild get away to a British film producer - supposedly aired a documentary late 70's early 80's. Any leads on the film/producer would be greatly appreaciate - would like to get it back.

    Chaco is fascinating. At first glance is a thorn scrub forest that is virtually without features. Great for birding - go out on a game trail, pour a cup of water out and in five minutes who will have birds attracted to you that will almost sit on your hand. Relic stream beds from ancient times hold water during the dry season and you get a wide variety of fauna you would never expect there e.g. tapir and flamingo.

    LOL - who would like to go back there with me before I get too old!

  2. can you contact us with your email, and I will se what we can do. Was it a BBC producer?