Thursday, 28 June 2007

Intelligent Giving

Intelligent Giving is a website that provides summary data about charities. It is critical, and certainly aims to keep us all on our toes. While there is room for improvement in the way the WLT reports its activities, I was very please to read the following description of the WLT

It's clear that the purchases involve plenty of hands-on evaluation before they go ahead, but the solid annual report and patronage by David Attenborough suggest to us targeted and efficient work.

Other charities carrying out similar work to the WLT, did not come out of Intelligent Giving's evaluation too well.

With all the publicity generated by the BBC Wildlife Fund, and the BBC's Saving Planet Earth season, the WLT has seen a massive interest in its activities, and in particular corporate donations have risen. And this is despite the fact that the WLT is not one of the recipient charities of the BBC Campaign. As one of the Trustees of the BBC Wildlife Fund, I will be closely involved in the disbursement of funds, and am really encouraged by the huge increase in interest in wildlife conservation that this latest David Attenborough series has initiated. Paul Appleby, Neil Nightingale and all the rest of the BBC Natural History Unit behind this innovative series are to be heartily congratulated. Let's hope it becomes an annual event.

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