Thursday, 19 July 2007

Waste and more waste

Our IT consultants (locally produced), sent me this:

We have been told it is illegal for us to take cardboard etc to the local tip for recycling (at our expense) as it is trade waste.

Thinking that we would like to continue being environmentally friendly, I rang Suffolk coastal and asked if we could have a trade waste bin for rubbish and another one for cardboard recycling. They say that we they won't do this and we will have to put our cardboard in with our general rubbish

You would have thought rather than wasting time on putting hundreds of bins on the street they would concentrate on businesses that generate far more recyclable rubbish!

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  1. A self-employed IT/computer consultant I met recently had a similar problem. He received through the letter box a leaflet about a service for collecting recyclable material. He contacted them for information on how and when the material could be collected but was then told that as a business he was not entitled to use the service. This understandibly made him cross, and he argued a while until it was finally agreed that somebody *would* come and pick up the recyclables. The day of collection arrived and the van-man carried everything out, but kept shaking his head and eventually said; "It's such a shame". The consultant asked; "What's a shame?" and the van-man replied; "I'm going to have to take all this to the tip, since as this is company waste I'm not allowed to take it to be recycled"...

    Now the IT concultant saves his recyclables, including old computer equipment, and asks customers to take them to be recycled (as household waste/recyclables) on his behalf.

    What a crazy world! And how hypocritical of councils to go on and on about household recycling and landfill space running out, only to ignore the high quantities of recyclable business waste.