Wednesday, 10 October 2007

carbon con's

An article in The Times

drew attention to a clampdown on fake and exaggerated green claims by the UK's ADVERTISING STANDARDS AUTHORITY.

And high time too. The World Land Trust, through it's carbonbalanced programme is trying to do reforestation and ecological restoration to the highest possible standards. And we try to be accountable and transparent. But there are lots of businesses out there, some of which are not far short of a scam. So CAVEAT EMPTOR.

This conference
has a large number of companies some of which seeem to be simply cashing in on carbon -- I don't know much about most of them so any info would be useful -- are any of them doing any serious ofsetting?

I would like to hear from anyone with problems.

And if you want to know more about our programme and why we think ours is the best --do contact us.


  1. Energy saving light bulbs. Dear All did you know that on teh 1st July the Government launched the WEEE Directive. Basically anything that can be recycled that contains a hazardous substance now has an up front charge for it's end of life Re-cycling. Yes you have guessed it Energy Saving Bulbs contain Mercury so most manufacturers are adding 15p plus Vat to the cost apart from the impoerters that are by-passing the fee! Apparently they will get caught one day, hung drawn and quartered but we know in real life the law abiding companies will play by the rules and the fly by nights will carry on abusing the law. I could go on for ever but time is short

  2. Anti-Dumping Duty. Do we know what they are? No. Well cheap imported energy saving light bulbs from China get walloped for duty the moment they enter Europe because the new factories are subsidized by the Chinese Government. A massive 66% onto the cost price before it even get's the the distributor. Then ad the WEEE charge (£0.15) and the VAT to the lamps and the WEEE charge and the Government is coining in the energy saving boom in taxes!! There are several schemes operated by the Lighting Association that distrubute subsidized energy savers by the Osram,Philips and GE to the consumer so we are all paying for them. Oh and by the way guess where the big three get their energy savers made!!! Yep China but of course they are exempt from the duty. Talk about getting your cake and scoffing it!!!! It really does defy belief that the cronies in charge of this once great Empire are so lacking in common sense and intelligence. Come of you sweaty sock Gordon make energy saving bulbs exempt from VAT! After all your collecting enough tax on their behalf so why not give something back to the Country!!!