Thursday, 7 February 2008

Tacky gifts

To start off my quest for the most inappropriate wildlife gifts here are a few websites for you to evaluate. What do readers think of them? Do they do more harm than good? Is this a good way of raising funds? Should the World Land Trust develop a similar range of gifts for sale (I have already made up my mind!).

1 comment:

  1. Well, the WWF pages have some pretty nice, eco-friendly items (hemp rucksack, organic tea & coffee), but most of the rest are pretty bad. (And I wouldn't be very happy if someone bought me a hunting cushion depicting a traditional fox hunting scene!)

    As for whether WLT should start using similar ways of raising funds, I personally think not. The Trust's resources are surely better used for what we know the organisation is good at? And meanwhile already some of WLT's sponsors give some or all of the proceeds of *their* products to the Trust, and that's something that we can expand in the future - whilst of course keeping a close eye on what sort of products are being sold to raise money for WLT (material/energy use/country of manufacture etc.) to avoid the issues you mention here.