Wednesday, 26 March 2008

New Tribes Mission: a threat to the survival of traditional life-styles

On a recent visit to Paraguay I was horrified to find out the Florida-based New Tribes Mission -- an extreme evangelist group -- were still active in Paraguay. They have been accused of collusion with the former Dictator Stroessner and there are many reports available on the internet detailing their extreme measures to obtain converts. Paraguay is home to some of the world's last remaining uncontacted tribes, and it is clear from their behaviors that they do not want contact with so-called civilization. Unfortunately evangelists such as the NTM are determined to contact them. Having seen some of the Indians that have been rounded up by the Missionaries and herded into villages all I can say is that it is very depressing to see these people, most of whom seem extremely depressed, with huge numbers of children and lots of health problems. Fortunately there are people trying to help the indigenous peoples of Paraguay, and also help those who want to escape from the Missionaries.

Venezuela is apparently expelling the Missionaries, a move that has been welcomed by the local Roman Catholic church. "Even Cardinal [Rosalio] Castillo Lara supported President Chavez's measure to remove New Tribes".

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  1. NTM teaches that one is saved solely by trusting God to do so. But the Bible teaches, Heb.5.9, that one must obey God to be saved.
    Trusting is not obeying.
    So, what NTM has to offer is a giant lie. And they know it. They go to illiterate tribes, learn the language, then twist and pervert scripture, inventing a written language for the illiterares and inventing a Bible that teaches their demonic doctrines; not what the bible really says. They are about as evil as you can get.

  2. Insteresting though highly inaccurate and misleading article about New Tribes Mission.

    The following link might give a little perspective on some of the false impressions created concerning NTM:

    1. Ofcourse they'll rally to them.

      They have become used to bribery by NTM and their daily quota of "food aid" and clothes. *smh

  3. Evangelical groups are aggressively defending the NTM against the accusations. The NTM maintains that they have broken no Venezuelan laws, which they say they highly respect. “ That is according to the 'peaceful societies'quote