Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Population, human population. That's the problem

Why, oh why do the politicians ignore it? The real problem behind all the crises facing the world is not a shortage of oil. It is not the credit crunch, it is not global warming. It is the thing that fuels all of these, It is the ever expanding human population and its ever increasing greed. The rich get richer, until many are what can only be described as obscenely rich, while the poor not only get poorer, but there are more of them. Governments and aid agencies pour millions into "poverty alleviation" in Africa, and meanwhile the population continues to grow, natural resources are further depleted, and wildlife disappears. Human population growth cannot continue indefinitely, so why not call a halt now?


  1. "The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness" (Isiah 40.3)

  2. Why human population must be a problem? In all sides of the arguments, saying that human population is the root cause of all things, is like saying that you are the root cause of your own problem. It's illogical.

    First of all, according to the theory of evolution, what is the purpose of reproduction for human beings? It's to increase the probability of one's survival and to extend its gene-pool. Why do people have kids and have them a lot? To preserve the continuity of themselves as a species. To survive, we need to grow in quality, as well as in quantity. If human beings are to be confined into small numbers, then the day of our extinction is near and at hand. This means that you, your family and your country will cease to exist because of what you think is the root problem.

    Don't forget, you are also a human. If human population is a big problem, then you are surely contributing to that problem, because you are a human... not a cow, not a bird, a human...

    If what according to your statement is truly meant to be that way, may I ask a question? Does that mean you endorse or support mass-massacre or global genocide? Just a thought, because since human population is the root of our problem, then eradicating them is a noble job to be done. And since that is true, why don't you just commit suicide, to solve our problem?

  3. Human population is a problem. And while I am not endorsing suicide or mass murder, people must think ethically. We should be encouraged to have only one child each. This is the only way to face the problem of a growing population.
    And yes, population is the root of many problems. Without as many people there would be more oil, there would be more money, more food, more jobs. I am not saying that the population to should decrease dramatically over a short period of time, that would be terrible.
    Also this should not be enforced, like in China. That would be terrible. We must be able to make our own decisions, but they must be informed decisions. Population growth is occuring mainly in the developing south and much of this is down to a lack of education.
    Just that we should be more sensible when we have children.