Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The God delusion

A recent article in the Guardian summed up a common misconception about Darwin (and indeed many other agnostics/atheists. It was stated that
In particular, what would have baffled Darwin is his recruitment as standard bearer for atheism in the 21st century. Darwin kept his pronouncements on religion to a minimum, partly out of respect for his Christian wife. Despite continuing claims that he was an atheist, most scholars acknowledge that he never went further than agnosticism
But what Darwin and most other non-believers would also say is that the concept of the Christaian god, or almost any other god worshipped by conventional religions, should be totally rejected. The idea that someone was once crucified and resurrected, the vengeful god of the Hebrews, these and many others are what all rational people reject. I say all, because you cannot be rational and believe in them. The belief itself is irrational, and unlike evolution, not supported by one shred of evidence. That is using evidence in the rational, scientific meaning of the word.
As a conservationist, I believe it is essential that humans take responsibility for their actions. No amount of praying to a god of any sort will solve the world's problems. As Sir David has pointed out there is enough suffering of the most inhuman kind to convince any rational person of the non-existence of a benign god. If a tiny fraction of the resources wasted on religion were spent on the environment, the world would be a much better place for everyone. And don't forget to watch Sir David's new series on Darwin.


  1. I have enjoyed "John's rant". What a new and refreshing idea that God doesn't exist. I love the claim that non-believers are rational thinkers hinting that anyone that dare think otherwise have somehow a lesser right to an opinion. I am a conservation scientist and a christian. I pride myself on researching all aspects of both the evolution theory and faith and through this I have come to a conclusion to what is true. This does not mean that the science is wrong as the World is a complex place with complex processes. But the truth is that how ever much I want to pretend that God is a fantasy creature developed by an over active imagination it's not true and believe that I would be wrong to turn by back on my faith however strong the pressure is for me to do so.

    The one thing that shocks me is the claim that the destruction of the World's habitats is pinned on faith. During biblical times people had great respect for animals and their environment quite simply because they relied on it for their survival.We now live in World where children don't even know which animal bacon comes from. To blame global destruction on faith is shockingly short sighted and arrogant. The truth is that people have detached themselves from the environment. Maybe it is time we start to address this rather than waste time critisising other peoples faith without any clear knowledge or understanding.

  2. "John's Rant" is just that a rant. I am an environmental scientist and a rational thinker. As such I cannot believe that any serious scientist can continue to accept the evolution THEORY in a modern world. Surely we have moved on from being told what we should believe. Most people accept it as 'fact' because that's what they have been told it is. More worryingly, so called 'serious scientists' accept evolution as fact because they do not want to be ridiculed by their peers.

    Just what is the proof for evolution? I have certainly read nothing to convince me that pure chance caused both inanimate and animate objects to exist. The evidence for an intelligent designer is all around us. The complexity of life makes it totally irrational to credit chance for it's existence. Ask yourself, would you back a runner in a race if the odds of him winning were billions to one? Yet that's exactly what you do if you accept that all of the components necessary for life came together by chance. Who is irrational now?

    Let's assume that the building blocks of life did somehow find themselves together in the right quantities and the correct mix. You could stir the pot for as long as you want and life would not result. Evolutionist fall back on the old 'we don't know how, but somehow' line. Those who accept intelligent design see that the 'somehow' was the work of that designer.

    Evolutionist also attack creation because of those who are narrow minded enough to claim that creation took place in 6 literal 24 hour days. Again, nothing in the bible, the home of the creation account, agrees with this idea. Clearly the earth is billions of years old. Life has been on the plant for an unknown number of years. Science and the bible agree on this.

    It will take a very brave 'scientific' community to accept the truth and acknowledge that they owe their existence to an intelligent designer. Allow the narrow, dogmatic and closed minded to believe evolution. Their 'science' is flawed. We are tenants on this planet and owe a duty of care to it's owner. We should begin to care for it as he intended before he issues the eviction notice.